DANTE Server Hosting

DANTE Buoy Controllers send data through internet (TCP-IP) connections, allowing the controller to fully verify each transmission before internally marking the data as sent. DANTE Server software receives these connections. It runs on a server in a data center.

DANTE server hosting is a central and inexpensive part of the DANTE system. It dramatically reduces the technical burden on DANTE users. We configure your controller and primary and backup DANTE Servers so you don’t have to think about fixed ip’s, server security, Linux versions, firewalls or the myriad acronyms behind the scenes of the internet.

Controlling DANTE Server Data Delivery

DANTE Vis software allows you to configure when, where and how data is delivered by DANTE Server. There are two ways to initiate data transfers from DANTE Server:

Report Tasks

Transmission of data from a controller to DANTE Server is called a report. After each report, DANTE Server performs controller-specific Report Tasks. These always include data back-up to remote FTP servers and controller status and health checks. You can add any number of additional Report Tasks to create processed data streams and forward raw or processed data by email, FTP or MySQL database publishing.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks run at fixed times. They are a great way to generate periodic data summaries or just send reassuring emails with performance details.