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Revised 2015-04-20

Inductive Modem Products

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Inductive modem with internal battery and RS232 interface
Enduro APT Recorder
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qty 5-9
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Temperature & Acceleration
Temperature, Acceleration and Pressure
X-TP Sensor
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Temperature, Tilt
Temperature, Tilt and Pressure

DANTE Buoy Controllers

All controllers include DANTE-Vis and DANTE Config software.

Base Configuration

Includes controller with four RS-232 sensor serial ports, sockets for two plug-in modules, 8 MB Flash, 8 GB Micro-SD memory, GPS, antennas, digital compass, accelerometer and standard connectors (M12 sensor + MCBH-6 Power).

Price - US Dollars



Base configuration plus GSM quad-band modem and antenna. Includes 6 months free S9 Data Hosting Service, including cellular telemetry cost – USA Only.



Base configuration plus GSM quad-band modem and antenna. Price includes 6 months free S9 Data Hosting Service. Cellular telemetry cost is not included.



Base configuration plus Iridium® SBD modem and antenna. Price includes 6 months free S9 Data Hosting Service. Iridium® telemetry cost is not included.

Standard DANTE Connectors

The standard sensor connectors are M12 (316L stainless steel, IP69K rated). Serial modules and Controller I/O use 4-pin connectors. Analog plug-in modules can use 4, 5 or 8-pin connectors. (See the Analog Module Options below.)

Our M12 cables have stainless steel coupling nuts. The molded polyurethane connector bodies and cable jackets are robust, waterproof and UV and corrosion resistant. The small diameter cables (6-7 mm) facilitate easy cable routing.

The standard power connector is a wet-pluggable MCBH 6-pin Male connector. This includes the external power (battery) input, solar panel input and output to external battery charge controller. A separate connector may be used for the solar panel input.

We can prepare your DANTE controllers with custom MCBH wet-pluggable or similar connectors in place of M12 connectors. See Custom Connector Options below.

DANTE Buoy Controller Options
(add to base configuration price)

Price (USD)
Add Iridium® SBD Modem to DANTE-GSM
The Iridium® modem option adds a second internal modem and an additional antenna to the top of the enclosure. Once installed, either GSM or Iridium® modem can be configured as primary or backup.

Add Inductive Modem Module (IMM)

price includes standard M12 enclosure connector for Inductive Cable Coupler

The IMM occupies one of DANTE's serial ports. It communicates with up to 100 underwater instruments equipped with Sea-Bird compatible inductive modems.
Serial plug-in module (RS-232/485/SDI-12)
price includes standard M12 enclosure connector
For applications requiring more than 4 serial ports (or 3 plus IMM) up to 2 additional serial modules will plug in to the DANTE backplane. Even more modules can be added using the optional DANTE Plug-in Module Expansion Board
Low-Voltage Analog (LVA) plug-in modules

Software selectable for either two differential or four single-ended voltage inputs.

Software selectable input ranges from +/- 256 mV to +/- 5V (0-5V signal range).

The analog input channels can be wired to as many as four connectors. The LVA module has 5V and 12V switched power outputs which may be shared by the output connectors. See connector wiring details.

LVA plug-in module – 1 connector
One 8-pin M12 connector; switched
power output and either four single-ended
inputs or two differential inputs
LVA plug-in module – 2 connectors
Two 5-pin M12 connectors; shared switched
power output and either two single-ended
inputs or one differential input per connector

LVA plug-in module – 4 connectors
Four 4-pin M12 male connectors; shared switched power output and one single- ended analog input per connector
Dante Plug-in Module Expansion Board
The expansion board adds six slots for plug-in modules. One expansion board fits in the standard DANTE controller enclosure. Order additional individual plug-in modules as needed
Custom Connector option (per connector)
Substitute MCBH or similar for M12 connectors

(Consult factory for limitations)

MCBH connectors (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8-pin) can be substituted for any or all of the standard M12 connectors on the DANTE enclosure (more than 10 requires custom enclosure).

Sensors are typically swapped for maintenance by disconnecting only the sensor end of the cable, leaving the cables attached to the DANTE Controller. The optimum connector choice is often application dependent. S9 can help select the right connectors and install them to order.

Molded Cable Assemblies

S9 will help you determine your needs and provide cable assemblies with DANTE Controllers to connect your specified sensors.

Prices subject to change without notice.