DANTE System Overview

The DANTE System makes a reliable real-time connection from your sensors in the field to your computer, FTP server, email, databases and/or web site. You can access real-time data online through our servers or yours, and you can download raw and / or processed data for offline use. You can even communicate with your sensors through the cellular modem.

DANTE Buoy Controller
The DANTE Buoy Controller is the heart of your monitoring system. It handles data collection, storage, transmission and power management. Its integral modems, GPS receiver, antennas, compass and accelerometer improve reliability and save you time. You can be confident in DANTE’s robust submersible housing.

DANTE PowerPack
The DANTE PowerPack is the easiest way to power your data acquisition system. Just plug in the four solar panels and the DANTE power cable and you’re up and running.

DANTE Server
DANTE Server software is designed to run on a server in a data center for maximum reliability. It receives data from controllers in the field, processes the data, forwards raw and/or processed data to your delivery points, and supervises performance of controllers. S9 offers economical server hosting - it’s like web site hosting.

DANTE Vis Software
DANTE Vis runs on your computer. Use it for data processing, plotting, format conversion and database publishing of all data - either real-time, from FTP archives or from the controller’s removable memory card. DANTE Vis also allows DANTE Server configuration and terminal connections to DANTE Buoy Controllers in the field.

DANTE Config Software
DANTE Config software is a free, well-organized utility that organizes all controller programs and instrument drivers in a single file for upload to the controller, via a serial interface cable or remotely by modem.