DANTE Buoy Controller

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The DANTE Buoy Controller is the heart of your monitoring system. It handles data collection, storage, transmission and power management. DANTE sets a new standard for buoy controllers. It combines a GPS receiver, telemetry modems, compass and tilt/acceleration sensors with very low power data logging, power management and system watchdog functions in one extremely rugged immersion-proof enclosure, making it easier and less expensive to build buoys or other data collection platforms.

How It Works

The DANTE controller is uniquely modular.  It has four main components:

Main Processor

The Main Processor Unit (MPU) controls timing, power, watchdog functions, sampling, data collection and storage.

Communications Processor

The Communications Processor (COM) is a separate microcontroller system from the MPU. The COM has a GPS receiver; ports for multiple telemetry modems including cellular, Iridium™, and ISM radio; and a rechargeable battery for telemetry.  The COM will continue to transmit GPS position data even if the main battery fails.


The DANTE controller distributes data collection tasks to modules connected through a common backplane. Four RS-232 serial modules are built-in to the backplane, and up to 8 plug-in modules can be added inside the DANTE enclosure. Plug in modules offer an inexpensive and flexible way to add new capabilities to DANTE.

More about Modules


The backplane includes power connections, current measurement circuitry, internal temperature and humidity sensors, an optional inductive modem (Sea-Bird IMM), four built-in RS232 serial data acquisition modules, two slots for plug-in modules and an expansion port for additional plug-in modules