DANTE Buoy Controller Makes Real-Time Monitoring Easy

Read about the DANTE System, including the  DANTE Buoy Controller and  DANTE PowerPack.

Learn how DANTE can save time and money in your next project!
Read the article in Sea Technology (Feb., 2015).

New Ulti-modem Inductive Modem

Our newest product enables underwater communication over plastic jacketed wire rope (typically galvanized steel). Use the Ulti-modem to send data from your current meter, tide gauge or other instrument on your underwater platform to a buoy or directly to shore.
Innovative dual-mode communications allows both compatibility with inductive modem products from Sea-Bird Electronics and high speed communications (to 19200 baud) with modems from Soundnine. The PET housing with titanium faceplate is rated to 1000 meters depth.

New Enduro APT Recorder

The Enduro APT is a compact instrument for moored applications. It measures Acceleration, Pressure and Temperature. Enduro logs internally and transmits measurements to the surface in real time with a Sea-Bird compatible inductive modem, communicating over plastic-jacketed wire rope.

X-TP Sensor

The X-TP is a low-cost test temperature, pressure and tilt (acceleration) sensor with inductive modem. It is ideal for surface drifters, temperature strings and other real-time measurement applications. Temperature accuracy is 0.005C, battery endurance is three years sampling once per hour (in a string with 10 sensors).